Transplant Hero is a beautifully created App that helps transplant patients deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking their immunosuppression medications in a timely fashion. 

At the core, Transplant Hero is an alarm system that alerts the user when it is time to take their medication. However, Transplant Hero is so much more! It is an interactive, educational and simple to use tool that offers users positive reinforcement for medication adherence.

In talking to patients over the years, it has become evident that taking medication is not easy. First of all, there are so many!  Secondly, these medications apparently need to be taken at all hours of the day and night. 

Transplant Hero clears up the confusion by focusing on some of the most important medications and timing them appropriately — so you don’t have to!

As you know, serious problems can arise due to medication non-adherence.  For this reason if you have a transplant, you need Transplant Hero — because everyone needs a helping hand!